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Are you on the fence about repairing or replacing your fencing installation?

If you have a fence installed in your home that has been there for many years, you may be wondering how long you can keep repairing it before you decide to invest in new fencing around your property.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you make the decision between patching your fence up again or buying a new one from a leading fencing company.

Wear, tear and weather

Depending on the age of the fence, and how well it’s standing up to the seasons and time, you may be able to invest in new panels to replace ones ‘past their best’.

Patch-ups can help you keep on top of any damage done by tree roots and branches, for example, or accidental collisions with garden equipment. However, one of the fundamental decisions you need to make is whether you can integrate replacement pieces without compromising the strength of your fencing. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Also, can you replace fence parts that are damaged or old without severely impacting the fence’s aesthetic appeal? Shabby chic does not always work well in pristine gardens.

The smarter solution, for a smarter fence, may be to bring the whole structure right up to date.

Rotting or mouldy fence panels and supports

A simple wobbly post or discoloured panel is easy to fix, but when rot and mould set in along a large area of your fencing, then it becomes far trickier to find a quick solution.

There comes a time when it’s necessary to replace fencing entirely to be confident that it’s not going to keep buckling, rotting or breaking, leading to constant issues and repairs.

Loose or unstable elements

If your fencing panels are working loose or the fence’s supporting features need to be fixed more securely, there is a chance you can restore the whole fence to its best with some TLC. However, this may mean having confidence in your own DIY skills or bringing in a professional.

When fencing becomes unstable with dodgy posts or vibrating panels, strong wind or torrential rain can cause parts to rip away. Not only does that risk causing even more damage to the fence, but it also creates a hazard for other garden features and potentially humans and pets too!

Your neighbours may not be impressed when your fence panels get whipped into their flower beds or garden ornaments either!

If in doubt, rather than ‘hope’ that your wobbly fence panels and posts are now wonderfully safe, consider upgrading to a sturdier and more reliable replacement.

Security matters

If your fencing is crucial to your property’s security, then the decision could well be far more clean cut.

Fencing for home security is not just about keeping intruders out but also about making sure that your beloved pets and small children can’t escape. When you carry out regular checks of how well your fence is performing, if it looks like the structure is beginning to let you down, then peace of mind can come from finding an affordable fencing company and installing new high-quality modern fencing.

If you’re looking for professional fencing services you can rely on, get in touch with the team at Johnson Land Services today.