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How Tall Can My Fence Be

When considering a new boundary fence, the height should be an important consideration and an essential one to get right !

Nowadays we all want a little more privacy and are choosing to erect taller fences in our gardens in order to achieve this. But before you rush in and potentially break planning regulations or waste money, you should make yourself aware of the law surrounding fence height.

In this post we explain the legal requirements when installing your fencing and how you can increase the height of your fence by making an application through the proper channels.

The Rules:

Garden fences are subject to planning regulations and restrictions in a similar way that the buildings the fences surround are. It is important when installing a new fence not to break these rules.

Garden fences in the rear should not exceed 2 metres or 6.5 feet. If your front garden fence is next to a pathway it must not be taller than 1 metre or 3.28 feet.

Should you wish to raise the height of your fence, you will need to contact your local councils planning department and make a planning application. This must be done before any work to enlarge the fence is carried out.

What Will The Neighbors Say:

An important consideration when deciding on the height and location of a fence is the opinion of your neighbors. Fence heights can be a contentious issue, especially when access to sunlight is involved and a courtesy call to your neighbor can really make a difference.

In the majority of situations your neighbors will just be relieved that an unsightly or untidy boundary is being rectified, but it is advisable not to leave this to chance.

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