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Top Tips For Designing Your Patio

The majority of home owners have or would like to have a patio installed. Patios are great areas of the garden to relax, unwind or entertain. But before you rush into have a patio installed there are some tips you may want to take into consideration to ensure you design the best patio area that is right for you and right for your garden

Location, Location, Location

The area of your garden where the patio will be installed is the first thing to consider, if you have a small garden then there may not be a choice to make, if however you have a medium to large garden then choosing the correct area will require some thought. The first thing to think about is the amount of sunlight the patio will receive, this will be determined by the direction the patio installation is facing, a patio that is facing south will receive the most amount of sun so you may need to consider erecting a structure to provide some shade. The house may provide shade in a large garden so it could be best to have the patio close to the house as opposed to having your landscaper install the patio in the open.

Types of Stone

The type of patio stone you choose will depend on budget and preference. At the high end of patio finishes you will find Porcelain, Yorkstone and clay pavers. The mid price range consists of Sandstone, Limestone and Slate. At the lower end you have concrete pavers which can be made to look like solid stone. Something to bare in mind when choosing the patio slabs is the surface finish with regards to smooth or raised, this also needs to be taken into consideration with the area of the patio, a smooth surface together with a wet area and overhanging trees can lead to a slip hazard and more maintenance.

 Fill The Space

The size of the patio will largely be determined by the area yo have available, but if you have the luxury of a large garden you may want to consider what furniture you intend to fill the space with. A good idea would be to draw scale drawing of the outline of the patio and the furniture you intend to fill it with, this will give you an idea of the space required. You could also consider how many people will use the area so you do not end up needlessly paving an overly large area that will never be used.

A patio install when designed correctly and installed by a professional landscaper is a fantastic addition to any garden, large or small careful consideration is needed so as to maximise the functionality and finish of your patio. The well designed patio will add that wow factor when you are entertaining family and friends,

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable landscaping company in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas to design and install your dream patio then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.