Garden & Grounds Maintenance Services

We provide a range of garden maintenance services in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding, from keeping your hedges tidy to tackling the over grown jungle with a garden clearance. All of our garden maintenance services are carried out to our high standards. If your looking for a reliable cost effective garden maintenance service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Garden Clearance

Hedge Cutting And Reduction

Garden Clearance

We can help you keep your hedges in order with our hedge cutting service in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas. we provide cost effective hedge cutting leaving you with a neat and tidy finish, we have a wealth of experience in hedge cutting and are able to tackle the smallest hedge up to the over grown conifers. We can also carry out hedge reductions as part of our hedge cutting service if your hedge is in need of reducing to a more manageable size in the Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas, all waste is taken away as well leaving a tidy and neat finish.

If your garden has grown wild and is unmanageable then let us do all the hard work in bringing your garden back under control with a garden clearance in Tunbridge Wells. We will clear your garden and remove all waste leaving you with the easier task of maintaining it. Our garden clearance service is popular with busy people who have let their garden get into an unmanageable condition. Get into contact with us today to discuss how we can clear your garden.

Flower Bed Creation

Lawn Maintenance 

Flower Bed Creation

A healthy lawn really is the finishing touch for your well maintained garden. Johnsons land services have a dedicated lawn care team providing routine lawn maintenance, seasonal treatments and providing one-off treatments for pests and common issues.

We can create the perfect flower bed that suits your needs, we can create low maintenance beds and we can improve the soils of your beds by supplying mulch.