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Paddock Maintenance

Johnson Land Services provide a wide range of services to equestrian yards. We are your local equine field and arena maintenance specialists. We have years of experience and  serve small holdings, large farms and estates.

Aerating a paddock
Rolling a lawn


Rolling & Harrowing

Aerating helps with drainage, moss and root structure benefits root structure. Aerating your paddock brings up the natural fertilisers in the ground, nourishes  the grass and helps worm activity

Rolling the ground helps the root structure by pushing down stones and levelling the ground.



Field Topping

Once the ground has begun to dry and has been prepared by harrowing and rolling, it is an ideal time to fertilise the pasture with a nutrient mix that will establish a healthy and palatable growth for grazing livestock.

Field topping is the process of cutting the top of plants to encourage a bushier growth and control the height.

It also increases the production of fruit by redirecting the plant’s energy  to the vegetative growth so that it can grow healthier and increase production in the long run.

Johnson Land services undertake all types of paddock maintenance:

  • Weed control
  • Paddock clearing
  • Equine paddock maintenance
  • Equestrian arena maintenance
  • Grassland and seasonal management
  • Muck heap removal and much more
  • Re-seeding