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tree felling

Crown Reduction

& Dead Wooding

Tree Felling

Our crown reduction services are designed to keep your trees looking as neat as possible while promoting healthy growth. Crown reduction is the process of “trimming” certain branches and can be done for various reasons. For the sake of visual appeal, for example, or to prevent the tree growing out too far. It can also be done to ensure the health of the tree by removing any damaged and diseased wood. This service can also help keep a tree safe by removing the risk of branches falling on their own, and it can help prevent encroachment on nearby buildings and structures. Contact us for a quote.

If you have a tree that you want removed, our tree felling service can ensure the tree comes down in the safest and most controlled manner possible. Our team of highly experienced professional tree surgeons will ensure that the tree is removed in one single section where possible, maintaining a controlled fall into a safe landing space. If space is not available, we will take the tree down in sections. Tree felling will generally leave the stump just above ground level; however, our stump grinding service can take care of this if you want to make sure the tree is completely removed from your property.

Stump Grinding

Scrub Clearance

Stump grinding is the process of removing as much as possible of a tree stump after a tree has been felled. The process does not involve simply ripping the stump out of the ground, as grinding it down is a far more efficient way to achieve the same goal without damaging the surrounding ground. As standard, we remove the stump to at least 30cm below ground – stump grinding does not include any lateral root removal so in time the tree may begin to grow again. If you have specific root removal requirements, please tell us and we can quote you accordingly.

Our fully qualified and highly experienced tree surgeons can offer a full scrub clearance service to remove any vegetation, trees, and scrub from your property or site. Using highly specialised equipment, we will work with you to ensure your site is cleared to the highest possible standards. With a team boasting full industry accreditation, as well as a large amount of experience in clearing both large and small sites, we can offer a highly efficient service designed to clear your site of scrub in the minimal possible time. We work to complete HSE and environmental agency compliance, whether working with commercial or domestic clients.

Hedge Cutting
planting a tree

Hedge Cutting


Our hedge cutting services are tailored around you and your requirements. As the tree surgeons Tunbridge Wells residents rely on for their hedge cutting and other arboreal needs, we have a great deal of experience in shaping and cutting all manner of hedges. Whether it’s a small domestic hedge or a sprawling one, we can keep it under control for you and trim it in line with your requirements. For most of our customers, we can offer a twice-yearly service to keep their hedges looking as neat as possible. Our service revolves around you, however, so if you have specific requirements for your hedges please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer a comprehensive tree re-planting service tailored to the needs of the individual environment. Whether it’s due to a construction project that has brought trees down, or simply trees dying off of natural causes, we can develop and implement a re-planting program with your requirements in mind. Our re-planting programs take both the needs of our customers and various environmental considerations into account in order to promote the most healthy tree-growth possible, as well as maintaining the natural beauty of the area. We work with both domestic and commercial clients, along with local authorities, to put our experience and expertise to good use and ensure the strongest possible growth of the trees that we plant.